Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an iOS version?

No, not currently. You're welcome to write one. The server side code should have more than enough hooks to be able to code in support for an iOS version. None of the development team own any Apple hardware, so there has been no incentive to write one at this time.

Why can't I see messages from more than 2 days ago?

All messages older than 2 days are automatically deleted from the system. Newtifry is only intended to let users know something is wrong. It's not intended to be a historical reference for notifications. Please use the normal systems you would use in your own systems to record a permanent record of notifications; for example, email.

Can I run my own Newtifry?

Yes, you can. All the code is under an Apache2 licence. So you could checkout and build your own version of the system.

See the Notifry Github repository which has the full source code available. You will need your own Google authentication details and GCM signup to be able to send notifications to a phone.

I've found a bug, who should I tell? Or, I want a new feature?

Create an issue in the Newtifry issue tracker.

I backed up Newtifry with a third party tool, and restored it to a new phone, and now I don't get notifications?

Newtifry stores the phone's GCM ID in the settings. If you restore the settings onto a new phone, it will have the GCM ID for the old phone, and as such, you won't get any notifications delivered to your phone.

Newtifry deliberately doesn't use the cloud backup service for this reason. Please don't use third party backup programs to backup and restore Newtifry.