Newtifry Pro documentation and scripts

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10/09/2014 - Newtifry Android version 2.4.3

Serverless configuration removed (not useable)

Fix possible crash in message flatten

10/09/2014 - Newtifry Server update

Correct handling of unicode source name

Test message url & image updated

Newtifry Pro nodejs server script repository

You can find the server script for nodejs here.

Newtifry Server update

In order to improve privacy, user messages are not saved in database anymore

Newtifry quotas

I have to limit the max number of messages by day because some users send up to 1 message every 4 seconds (21000 by day)

and the server can't handle too many messages

The limit is fixed at 1440 by day (1 message every minute)

Sorry for this limitation

Newtifry Pro is out

Available here.

Have a look here too.

29/09/2013 - New Android version : 2.4.2

Changes :

  1. The back button on main screen quit the application as expected

25/09/2013 - Server update

Bug fix : French chars (UTF-8) are accepted in source,message body and message title

01/09/2013 - New version : 2.4.1

Changes :

Android App :

  1. Bug fix : title color priority displayed correctly

31/08/2013 - New version : 2.4.0

Changes :

Android App :

  1. Source color title configuration
  2. Priority : icon change - icon and/or title color
  3. Home touch (icon in the letf up screen) act as back
  4. New Configuration menu UI (first work for a totally new UI)
  5. New image message param : this image is displayed in the message detail screen (with zoom function)
  6. Set timeout to server connection (need to be improved)
  7. New url and image icons in message list

Website (v51) :

  1. Handle new image param
  2. User settings can be send by email (in text mode, need to be improved (html format))
  3. New send message counter in profile page
  4. New test message with url and image (bora bora :) )

18/08/2013-11h18 - Server update

Priority decoding crash if the input value is not numeric : fixed

Crash after sending message with the API (no return value to caller) : fixed

18/08/2013 - New version : 2.3.2

Changes :

Android App :

  1. Test message is sent only to the requester device
  2. NotifierPro option is availaible only if the app is installed on the device
  3. NEW : message priority (see API)
  4. Source is displayed in message list
  5. Message List : you can sort by Source or date and by priority
  6. Email GCM id from Android app removed : use the server Profile page to retreive it
  7. Remove not debug Log calls
  8. Notification update (support android 4.1 - unique notification)
  9. Unread messages are in yellow
  10. Fix source settings menu (again)
  11. Test message sent by server is locaized too (after one test request from device)

Website (v50) :

  1. message priority added (see API)
  2. API : message can be sent to a unique device
  3. Profile : user message counter added - deviceId displayed (click on device hash)
  4. Profile : mail user profile

15/08/2013 - New version : 2.3.1

This version fix some bug introduced in the 2.3.0 version and add new (small) features

  1. Fix english language source menu notification entry
  2. Fix French translation typo
  3. Fix notification : speak message or play a ringtone, not both
  4. Fix notification settings : source notification settings always superseed the global one
  5. Fix source settings menu
  6. Test message is localized (request from the device not from web)

14/08/2013 - New version : 2.3.0

Changes :

  1. Notifier Pro integration
  2. Full white notification icon
  3. French translation updated
  4. Settings : non applicable settings are now dynamically disabled
  5. android 2.2 (Froyo) Compatibility
  6. cleanup (code and resources)

12/08/2013-16h20 - Newtifry is available on Google Play


12/08/2013-13h20 - Newtifry android APP v 2.2.3

Changes :

  1. Full French translation
  2. You can email your GCM ID in order to send a message to your device without the Newtifry server

New life as Newtifry

Notifry is dead, welcome to newtifry

Thanks to Daniel Foote (Notifry developper) for his work.

What is Newtifry?

Newtifry is a push notification service to send server notifications to Android Mobile phones, running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or later. It uses Google Cloud Messaging APIs.

It is intended to replace notifications sent by SMS. SMS cost money to send, and for single user applications (like personal Nagios servers) this can give you real time notifications for free.

Unlike other systems that do the server monitoring for you, Newtifry is just intended to get the message to the phone - and no more. Newtifry is meant to be very simple and just focus on getting the notifications to the phone. You can plug Newtifry into your existing monitoring system to get the notifications going. Users supply the system administrators with a single unique key that identifies at message source, which they can enable or disable at will.

How much and where do I get it?

Newtifry is free, and all the code is available under the Apache 2 License.

You might also like to read the simple getting started guide.

Before use, please see our privacy policy and service level agreement.

Got questions?

Head on over to the frequently asked questions page and see if your question is answered. If not, send an email and we'll see what we can fix.